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The Scheduled tribes are the indigenous population of the country. The Scheduled tribes in the peninsular India are a vulnerable lot unlike their counter parts in the not eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram. The sixth Schedule relating to the administration of North Eastern States protect time better from the interference of any kind that my affect their traditional rights customs and culture. However the Tribes in the peninsular India has to fight in the mainstream judicial system to get their rights protected, with all their inherent disabilities they suffer due to backwardness. The Members of the Kani Tribe worship Agastya Muni in the peak of Agastyarkoodam. Their main avocation is to collect medicinal plants, they believe that Agastya Muni is their protector who control the forces of nature. There are constant interferences to their traditional right to worship, by the trekkers who are permitted entry during period of Sivaratri Festival, by the Government. The interference of the trekkers in the traditional rights of the worship of the members of the tribe lead by their Muthakani, was a reason for the tribe to approach the High Court of Kerala on more than one occasion. L Expertians appeared for the Muthakani and other members of the Kani Tribe before the High court of Kerala for protecting the traditional right worship Agastyar and to preserve their customs and usages. The Division Bench of the Kerala High Court in WA No. 374/2018 and Single Judge in WP C 5486 of 2017 https://www.livelaw.in/no-gender-based-restrictions-can-be-imposed-for-trekking-to-agastyarkoodam-peak-kerala-hc-read-judgment/ have passed favorable orders whereby the attempts to commercialize the idol of Agastryar by outsiders and to ensure that women trekkers do not interfere with their customary practice